Semiconductor Fuse Blocks

Semiconductor Fuse Holders feature open face styles. Each version is rated 750 volts and accommodates 14 x 51 mm or 22 x 58 mm fuses. The holders feature a unique adder-block design that can be snapped onto 1-, 2-, or 3-pole blocks to form multi-pole segmented blocks of as many poles as desired. A choice of box, screw or pressure plate connectors is offered to fit a wide range of standard or solid copper wire. All versions have verified dielectric strengths in excess of 2500V. A patented built-in DIN rail adapter on some of the blocks adds further design versatility. All fuse clips are made of high conductivity tin-plated copper with spring reinforced clips.


  • Thermoplastic bases
  • DIN Rail or Screw Mount
  • Adder block design


  • All circuits up to 750 volts using semiconductor fuses for protection of small inverters, UPS systems, motor drives, etc.


  • Ferraz Shawmut