Three types of insulators are available:

(1) Construction of the highest quality wet process electrical porcelain, gray glazed. They are assembled with inserts of high strength aluminum alloy, with the inserts secured to the porcelain using a special high strength compound.

(2) Standoff Insulators molded from a flame retardant and track resistant glass reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound recognized for current carrying devices under UL Material Recognition Number E 80533 (N). They combine high mechanical strength with high arc resistance and dielectric properties at elevated temperatures and humidity. These shatter resistant insulators meet the most exact standards for a variety of applications.

(3) High voltage ANSI standard approved porcelain insulators for distribution and sub transmission circuits.

General Features

  • Optimized Shed Configuration
  • Adaptive Core and Wall
  • Tailored Inside and Outside


  • Indoor/Outdoor Electrical Distribution Apparatus

Data Sheet: