Fuse Reducers, Pullers, and Clip Clamps

Fuse Reducers allow the use of lower rated fuses in existing equipment having clips with higher ampere ratings. The use of closer rated time-delay fuses can improve circuit protection. For example, renewable or one-time fuses feeding a motor can be replaced with fuses sized closer to the motor nameplate current. Non-rejection Reducers will allow Class H, K or R fuses to fit Class H or K clips. Rejection-type Reducers will allow only Class R fuses to fit Class R clips or only Class J fuses to fit Class J clips. Class J fuse reducers are not for bolt on applications.

Plastic or Nylon Fuse Pullers are fully insulated, made of high-dielectric, reinforced plastic with notched handles to provide a safe grip. Stronger and more durable than fiber pullers, they are permanently marked with the recommended fuse ampere range. Yellow color for safety.

Fuse Clip Clamps are used to clamp fuse clips together onto a fuse ferrule or blade. An easy twist of the cap tightens the jaws against the clip, preventing heating by reducing resistance at the point where fuse and clip make contact. This helps prevent loss of spring tension due to annealing from overheating


  • Reducers for 250 and 600 Volt Class H, K and R fuses or 600 Volt Class J fuses, 30 to 600 amperes
  • Fuse Pullers are fully insulated, have notched handles, and are yellow for safety
  • Clamps are easily applied for clips onto either a ferrule of fuse blade


  • A variety of 32, 250, and 600V electrical circuits


  • Ferraz Shawmut