E-Rated DIN

DIN E-rated medium voltage current limiting fuses are full range fuses, designed to provide both high and low level fault protection. They may be applied wherever it is necessary to limit short-circuit currents on high capacity systems. Construction consists of silver ribbon element surrounded by silica filler, housed in a porcelain tube and plated end caps.


  • Standard clip center distance of 442mm or 537 mm for retrofitting in existing hardware
  • Open fuse indicator for ease in troubleshooting
  • Full range rating with 50,000 Interrupting Rating


  • Power transformer primary protection
  • Fused switches
  • Voltage switches
  • Feeder circuit sectionalizing


  • E-rating: Over 100E  must melt in 600 seconds (10 minutes) on 220 to 264% of E (ampere) rating. Example  a 750E fuse must melt in 600 seconds with an applied current of 1650 to 1980 amperes.


  • Bussmann

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