CXN Transformer Fuses

CXN general purpose current limiting fuses are designed specifically to provide complete fault protection on high capacity indoor and underground distribution systems. These fuses are C-rated and exceed the requirements of c37 standards for general purpose distribution current limiting fuses.

CXN Type fuses are constructed with pure silver fuse elements, high purity silica sand filler with controller grain size, an inorganic core with spaced arc suppressors, and a glass melamine or glass epoxy outer casing. The end studs of CXN fuses are identical to the CX type. However, CXN fuses have much higher C rating, are longer in physical length and larger in diameter. The diameters are 3 or 4 inches, depending on the ratings.


  • Quiet, safe operation
  • Limits fault current let-through
  • Arc-voltage protection
  • Maintains non-conductance after interruption
  • Fits many mountings


  • Power transformer protection
  • Power centers
  • Load interrupters.
  • Feeder circuit protection.
  • Mine rectifiers.


  • Eaton Cutler Hammer Westinghouse


  • In a C-rated fuse, the current responsive element shall melt in 1000 seconds at an rms current within the range of 170% to 240% of the continuous current rating of the device.

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